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  • How much does cost to rent The Mahogany?
    Rentals start at $900 for all events. We have special rates for repast events.
  • Is there a Damage deposit?
    A $300 damamge deposit will be added to all rentals. (The full $300 will be returned if there's no damages/all accounts are settled/venue is left in an orderly condition.)
  • What's required to reserve a date?
    To reserve a date, a deposit of 25% is due upon signing a rental agreement. The balance is due 1 month prior to your event date.
  • Is there off street parking?
    Yes, we have a parking lot in the rear of the building. Please enter at Minerva St. or Catherine St. Please see all the green areas where you can park around The Mahogany
  • Is there a kitchen?
    Yes, We have a large prep room. This includes stainless steel prep tables, an industrial sink, a fridge/freezer. *** there is no cooking/ stove use***
  • What is the cost of a wedding
    Each wedding is. unique and requires a in-person viewing for a custom cost. There are many variables such as are you using on room or two, Are you having the ceremony or just the reception at our venue. Do you need practice for the ceremony.
  • What services do you provide on-site?
    We have an on-site wedding planner, graphic designer, staffing, tables and chairs, ample parking, security and much more. There are also additional decor elements available for rent. Additionally, The Mahogany has an in house photography and photobooth service with Khari Imagery Cakes, cupcake and desserts Som'O (716) 279-8866 Contact us for additional information.
  • What are the hours?
    8am to 11pm. The minimum block set hours is 6.
  • Is there Free setup & break down time
    Unfortunately there is not free setup/break time. In order for the mahogany to offer affordable rates each hr from setup to venue exit needs to be included in your time.
  • Can we bring in our own vendors? DJ? Florist? Lighting? Food?
    Yes, there are no required vendors.
  • What is Strictly Prohibited in the venue?
    The use of illegal substances in or around the premises. Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited inside of the building.
  • How late can I rent the venue?
    Currently the venue closes at 11pm Which means the building must me clean and turn over back to ownership by 11pm We may extend our time for later hours in the future.
  • What impact will COVID-19 regulations have on my event?
    At The Mahogany, we comply with the New York State guidelines and CDC recommendations to ensure the safety of your guests. Unvaccinated people are still recommended to wear masks and maintain social distancing.
  • Does the venue has AC?
    YES our 1st floor has 1 central air unit and our 2nd floor has 2 central air units.
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